Thursday, 28 January 2010

2001...and Music still Sucks!

Music in 2001 sucked. Sorry sucks - present tense. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys. It's all frikkin' Divas right now! I thought it was all garage band back here; you know? Nirvana and stuff. But I realise now that was, like, earlier...mid-90s. So, the FM radio stations, digital radio online, it's all warbling R&B crap. Mind you, the weird bit is...well, actually, the cool thing is, there's no X Factor, no Pop Idol yet. No Simon Cowell. Yayyyy!!!

How cool is that?!!
None of that phoney rubbish has happened yet.

I'm almost tempted to step out of the archway and into time and join the auditions the first time round and tell Simon Cowell how totally crap his contribution to the music biz will be over the next decade. That'd be fun. Actually, me and the others pretending to be a band. Mind you, I don't want to imagine Bob trying to do a N-Sync Boyz routine.

Ugghh. I've got that image in my mind now. Him and Liam with baseball caps perched on their heads, bein' all wicked an' street.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Nite out

The three of us went out to Greenwich Village to see some bands. Thaat was so funny. I can't tell you how funny it was watching Liam listening to thrash metal. He kept turning rounf to me and asking if the band were alruigt, or if there was a prbelem.

Sorry about the typing. I had too much beer this evening. Feeling a little worse for wear and I can't focus too good on these monitors right now.

Sal liked the third band we saw. Said they reminded her a bit of one of the bangra-thrash bands she liked in 2029. Weird. I keep forgeting she's from the future.

I'm feeling ill. We had some curry on the way back home and I thinlk I might jus be ready to puke it all bak up.

Not good. I feel totslly crap. - Madsdty

Friday, 15 January 2010

George Bush's inbox

I've been trawling through numbnut's Presidential inbox again this morning. Seriously can't believe the dumbass mail he gets from his mates, and the dumbass stuff he replies with! It's all beer and fart gags. I'm serious. And this is THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA'S INBOX!!! THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD!!!!


You know I was a kid the year he got elected. Lemmesee...I was eight. I figured all that stuff in the papers about him being a dumb-ass rich fratboy was just the 'others', you know, the Democrats bitching and whining coz they lost the election. Looking at this stuff, I guess they were right all along. He's a total doofus.

Mind you, I'll have to post Donald Rumsfeld's fart gag, sometime. It is pretty funny.

*sigh* Liam's just looked over my shoulder and asked what a 'fratboy' is. God, he's so-o-o-o nineteenth century.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The weirdness of 2001

You know what the weirdest thing about being in 2001? It’s the internet. No Facebook, no Youtube, no Twitter and every webpage looks totally retarded. It’s the little things like the fact that there’s nothing moving on screen – every graphic is totally static, no animated pop-ups, or banners. I used to find those things distracting. Now I sort of miss them. Our computer system here has got a broadband feed. But this is old broadband. You know, snail-speed broadband, so it’s probably for the best that I’m surfing low-graphics pages.

Want to here something cool? I’ve even got access to some very sensitive government sites – the White House for example! I can actually view the President’s email inbox/sent mail! You wouldn’t beliecve the sort of dumbass ‘funnies’ Prez Bush and his cronies send each other. Jeeez. He’s sent about two dozen emails this morning already. And I thought the guy had a fricken country to run or something.

Oh, and I’m bloated. We over-ordered on the chinese again. I always do that. x

Testing routing from 2001

I’ve sort of hacked the computer in the archway. It’s simple really – I’m here in 2001 posting blog entries to a server that I know is still around in 2010. Then rerouting those posts to this website. Seems to work.

So, if anyone’s out there, this is me, Maddy. Madelaine Carter. And Mom, Dad, if you’re seeing this…I know it won’t make sense, you’re gonna think this is someone messing around with your mind. But you know, it’s okay. I’m alive, I didn’t die on that plane. Actually, they won’t ever see this. They don’t do computers. They can barely send emails.

So, I guess this is just me talking to myself. Something to do whilst I’m waiting for Sal and Liam to come back with our chinese takeaway.

More later. X