Friday, 16 September 2011

This is me

So Maddy is teaching me about the computer machine. This is a photograph of me. I amm Liam O'Connor and I took this photograph with a camera. You can see me in the photograph and the computer screen. Behind me is Bob and my bed.

Maddy has just told me to right this diary the way I would talk. I am trying. But it is hard using this keyboard and it is hard to imagine how I talk. And even harder with her leaning over my shoulder like this. What can I say? This is strange. Better if she let me write it all down on paper first I think.

We are going to eat soon. My favourite food is the handburger.

Apparently it's called HAMburger. Not HANDburger. I wish they werent watching me trying to type this diary slowly and laughing at me. now. Anyway we are going to eat dinner soon then we are going to see a flicker.

Maddy has just said I sound like a simpleton. Which is rude. I am just not use to doing this kind of thing. And apparently it is not called a diary. It is called blog. Never heard of the word.

Hello Mam and Dad. I dont know why I typed that. Maybe they will read it.

This is Maddy. I'm finishing off Liam's post. He's crap at it. *sigh* Anyway. We're going to see a movie then have some food. Then maybe, if Liam dosn't act like such an old fart, I'll try and show him some other stuff on the computer.

This is Liam again. Madyy is very rude! I am younger than her, so I am. I have hair on my chin and cheeks now. Sal says I should shave it off. I like it. It makes me look like a man. I have to go now. I shall try doing one of these blogs again as long as I do not have these two cretins laughing while I type.