Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sal's an artist!

I didn't know she can draw! She's got this diary she's scribbling in all the time. I thought she was just, you know, writing a diary or something. Turns out she's also been sketching us too. Not bad either! I notice she decided to sketch me when I'm filling my face with a freakin' pizza.

And Liam? Pft! Hard at work as usual.

I spotted the sketches in her diary the other day and asked if I could take a look, but she got all shy and ratty and hid it away. So, the only reason I got to see her sketches is she's out right now and I just found it on her bunk. Lol. She has talent, she really does. I should tell her that I suppose, but then she'd know I sneaked a look in her book. Maybe I can work on her a bit.

Anyway, meanwhile, being sneak I am I've scanned about a dozen of them. I guess I'll post some more of them soon. When I'm, you know, bored again. Which is quite often as it happens.

Mads xxxxxxx