Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Weird Stuff

It's a weird thing being marooned nine years earlier than you're used to. There's all the silly things that get on your nerves, like the crappy old web pages, no Facebook, no Myspace. And worst of all no smartphones! Actually, I got my iphone and I can recharge it using a USB cable, so at least I still got my music, but that's pretty much all I can do with it. I can't do any internet on it, because there's no viable internet-enabling smartphone software written yet! That won't happen for atleast another five years!

So...I keep thinking how weird it would be for me to take a plane up to Boston and go visit my folks. Can't imagine what it would do to Mom and dad for me to turn up and say 'hi'. Even more so...what about me? Nine-year-old me! That would be totally trippy. Maybe one day I might do that, just as longt as I can guarantee a flight there and back before the field loop resets. Maybe what I could do is just go and look, you know? Not say 'hi' or anything, just look in on my family, on me. That way I wouldn't cause any contamination.

This really messes with your head. I was thinking about this the other day. If I dropped by Boston, and say, followed myself walking to school and just casually said hello to my younger self as I passed by, would I remember that now? Maybe I already did go and do just that and here I am nowe trying to remember if I ever passed a grown up with red-frizzy hair who looked a bit like me and nodded, said 'hi' or winked at me or something. Sheeesh...being nine years old, you're never really paying attention are you? You never remember things from one day to the next. I think...thing is I vaguely recall someone who could have been me winking at me. But then I don't know, maybe I'm sort of inventing that memory, because I just wish it was true.

See...if it was true. If that really was me, that means I did visit myself, and it didn't cause any time contamination, which means I can go and do that then - visit myself - and know for sure that it'll not cause any problems.

It's all circular, this time travel stuff. And that makes your head head hurt if you think about it too much. Anyway, Liam, Sal and Bob have gone out to get some DVDs to watch. There's a Blockbuster not so far away. I suggested one of the 'Terminator' movies. Thought Bob might get a kick out of watching that.

We'll see. Let you know what he makes of it, if they do get one of those movies.

Oh, and that piccy above? That's this cool band called EssZed. We went to see them the other night. They were playing in a small bar downtown. Brilliant. Sal loved them. Liam bitched about them being too loud. Me? I loved 'em. But, here's the thing, another weird thing. They disappear during 9/11. Tomorrow. No one knows what happens(ed) to them. They just vanished. I'll tell you all about that maybe, next time I post.