Friday, 6 May 2011

Oh God

Sal's been so moody. I wish I knew what was wrong with her. She keeps wandering off out of the arch on her own without telling us where she's going to. I kind of ask her to let me know when and where she's going, I sort of see myself as the whole Big Sister thing.

What else, Oh yeah! I've been going through the old filing cabinets and stuff in here. There's quite a few gadgets and gizmos I'm guessing from the future time where the agency's HQ is based. One particular gadget is pretty cool. They're called 'Babbel-Buds'. They look like flesh coloured ear-buds. You pop them in one of your ears and and they basically translate languages for you.

The Babbel-Buds obviously have some clever language recognition code, a voice simulator and a database of language files. Very clever stuff. Problem is you can't sepak another language. What you have to do is sau out loud in english whatever it is you want to say and then you'll hear the translation in your ear. Which you've got to remember and repeat if you want to speak the language.

Bit difficult that bit. Still...totally cool thing.