Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sal's an artist!

I didn't know she can draw! She's got this diary she's scribbling in all the time. I thought she was just, you know, writing a diary or something. Turns out she's also been sketching us too. Not bad either! I notice she decided to sketch me when I'm filling my face with a freakin' pizza.

And Liam? Pft! Hard at work as usual.

I spotted the sketches in her diary the other day and asked if I could take a look, but she got all shy and ratty and hid it away. So, the only reason I got to see her sketches is she's out right now and I just found it on her bunk. Lol. She has talent, she really does. I should tell her that I suppose, but then she'd know I sneaked a look in her book. Maybe I can work on her a bit.

Anyway, meanwhile, being sneak I am I've scanned about a dozen of them. I guess I'll post some more of them soon. When I'm, you know, bored again. Which is quite often as it happens.

Mads xxxxxxx


  1. wow!!! she is totally awesome.

  2. Im a huge Sal fan, but quite like u too Maddy! I just knew she did something more than just wrote in it!! Maddy ur super smart and like me, super sneeky!! LOL

  3. Omg! People are reading this!? Errr...i'm not sure i should be posting. This could compromise the agency. Please... Tell no one about this blog!

  4. Maddy you do know everyone who reads books (not being specific) knows about your agency right?

  5. wow see can draw that so awesome i wonder if see better then my sister?

  6. Jarrod, but everyone who reads the books believe they're fiction, so the agency is actually even more secret-y.