Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Me, Sal and Liam sat down and watched the movie, TITANIC. The James Cameron one. Sal's never seen it before, which is understandable. She's from 2026 so it's a real old film for her. Liam, of course, having worked on the ship was a complete pain in the ass. All the way through, I mean ALL THE WAY THROUGH, he was going on about how 'a steward wouldn't talk that way to a passenger', or 'that's not how steward-service works for steerage'. Sheeesh. He was a pain.

But when the iceberg bit happened. Then he went very, very quiet. I sort of felt guilty for moaning at him to shut up. I think that the 2nd half of the movie affected him quite a lot. See, he was there, he went through it all. Liam told me he was below decks through most of it, flushing out all the passengers from their rooms so he didn't actually 'see' some of those scenes you see in the know the bit where the ship breaks in half, people hanging off the back, falling into the water, sliding down the deck etc etc. He didn't see that stuff, but he certainly heard it, he said; all the screaming, the string quartet playing on the top deck, the sound of the ship's hull stressing.

I asked him how 'real' the movie looked to him, and I swear he was crying. He didn't say much in answer. Just nodded.

It's pretty strange to watch a movie like that with someone who's lived through the events being depicted on-screen. When I was small I once watched 'Saving Private Ryan' with my great grandpa. He was in the US Rangers. And he reacted much like Liam did. Very quiet, not saying much. Doing more thinking than talking.

Anyway, other things? Not much, bubble-days pass although they're the same days you'd think that they could get boring, right? Wrong. We've had fun with it. I mean, being able to 'predict' what every person out there in New York is going to do means you can have a laugh. I might blog sometime soon about that. Byeeee.


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  2. ='( As my favourite of the main three, I have to feel sorry for Liam. Watching a film based off the biggest tragedy of your life, when the world suddenly falls around you and you're living the true panic and pain of the situation... it must've been heart-breaking for him.
    Although the fact that he was correcting the film about how the workers acted were damn funny for me to read. Write more about Liam for his fangirls, please? :3

  3. Yeah I agree with the girls, Liam is quite cute. Hes soooo funny!! I luv it when he says Aye. Ha ha ha!!!!LOL!!!!!! I really feel sorry for him and Maddy, dont worry about ur cousin, we are right by ur side!

  4. Owhh poor girls please don't be too hard on him...I do feel bad for him, all the aging and the new stuffs, that's just a lot to process...

    Love you all, keep this up Maddy :)

  5. Ah man, I feel so sorry for Liam can you hug him for me? x

  6. The funny part of the movie is when the guy jumped off the ship, hit the propeller and made a *plung* sound. The nude scene was gross, I could imagine Sal gagging and Liam's face going red. XD